Blog carnival for the week | Budget brings new directions for markets.

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

What we started off was with a big fall this Monday because of Budget.

Here are the Highlights of Indian Union Budget 2009 - 2010 : The Budget was basically meant for Common man.
The stock markets reacted negatively due to budget and plunged 800 odd points.
CHALLENGES Read the full article on Squamble.Com

Forthcoming IPO’s in the Indian Stock markets.
Here is the list of two next most important IPO's coming next month. Read the full story at Squamble.Com

What is Sensex 30 and NIFTY 50 ?

I know I am acting stupid by writing such kind of post as all of you must be familiar with this but this is for my readers from other countries. Read full Story on IndianMoneyPlus.Com

A guide for beginners : How to Start in Stock Markets ?
This is the 4th and last part of the series on Stock Markets articles Newcomers. In other parts we discussed some important things which newcomers should know when they enter Markets. In this article we will see how a new comer in stock market should start. Read the full article on Smart Investor.

Corporate Dividends in Emerging Markets – Some Thoughts
The creation of Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrat index by S&P is a realization that Asian economy (specifically emerging markets) will continue to grow. This is a step in right direction to Read the entire post on TIPBlog

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