What does markets trend signify ? Where is the Indian Stock Market headed !

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

When I see the markets I feel its good I was born in India. I got a mail from a broker yesterday saying that you can now invest 2000 Thousand $ in foreign markets and advised me to open an account and he also offered me an attractive brokerage rate. What I replied was " Indian Markets have given best returns in past 3 - 4 months which I doubt any foreign markets must have given so I think its not right and profitable on my part to invest in equities in various the foreign markets. I told him rather come up with a brokerage hose just for India as India will start picking up from now where volume is concerned"
I think most of you guys must have replied the same what I did.

I think Indian Stock markets will trade in range bounded mode even after budget.
Budget is the crucial factor determining the market sentiments.
The range for Sensex we predict in which it would trade is 12,000 to 16,000.

Which Sectors will rock!
Infra looks strong along with PSU. Infra usually dosnt show rally during monsoons as quite a few projects are on hold but a 15% return can be accepted in the sector in a month or so.

Why Market sentiments are positive :

IPO's are coming up.
Global markets supporting the domestic markets.
Win of Congress is another factor.

We will be updating more in details every alternate days about the state of Indian Stock markets.