Stock picking platform - Money Vidya.

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

Every one can now become an analyst by just picking stocks on MoneyVidya.Com.
MoneyVidya is a decent platform for picking stocks and giving a analysis about them.

MoneyVidya.Com is an impressive new entrant in the stock market research space. It's an online community for Indian Investors and Traders. The main activity on is sharing Stock Picks (recommendations). What's cool is that tracks each and every stock pick and then rates each member based on the performance of their stock picks.

What exactly happens on MoneyVidya ?
Traders / Common persons pick stocks and you have a choice to follow them. You can follow some top investors and Traders.
I was listed on the top panels of medium term investors giving 123% returns ! :)

The website is currently completely free... so register as soon as possible!

Go check it out - MoneyVidya.Com