Wall Street Report for this week

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the backdrop of outstanding performance from U.S. Markets as well as dream run on domestic Indian bourses, Sensex and Nifty this week is more than interesting. Classic catch-22 situation, where technical indicators daemonly shout of an upcoming bear fall, but market sentiment defeats all by continuing to move higher. There is some important news-events coming up on Wall Street which are of importance and will help retail investors gauge as well set individual market sentiment.

Earnings season takes center stage this week with market behemoths such as General Electric and Financial Czars like Golman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank all announcing Q1 results this week. Also stating results are Johnson & Johnson and Tech-King Google and Intel.

Goldman reported a blown out quarter today and has also decided to return U.S. government bailout money back in the coming quarter - More U.S. news? here

On April 14th we have the Producer Price Index data for March, which explains the costs of goods at wholesale level. Also on the 14th we have Retail Sales Figurers which help understand consumer buying behavior and available purchasing power.On April 15th government releases Consumer Price Index data for March. CPI measures inflation of physical goods and services.

So a good chunk of important and market changing events scheduled for the upcoming week, after a holiday weekend. We ended last week with a Bang, setting expectations for an equally eventful coming week.

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