U.S. Markets and Wall Street Report for this week

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

The week ending April 17th was very eventful for U.S. Markets. After much see-saw mid week the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 closed in the positive. 

 Dow closed at 8131 up 0.59% for the week. Down 7.35% year to date.

 Nasdaq closed at 1673 up 1.24% for the week. Up 6.09% year to date.

 S&P 500 closed at 869 up 1.52% for the week. Down 3.73% year to date.

Last week we saw better than expected earnings from Dow bell-weather GECitibank reportedly loss less money than expected being helped by changes in mark to market accounting rules. Also financials rallied led by JP Morgan Chase andGoldman Sachs who turned out profitable Q1 and also vowed to return the government TARP ( troubled assets relief program) at the earliest.

If last week belonged to Dow components surely this week will be a Hot-Nasdaq week, with Microsoft and Apple reporting earnings. Also reporting earnings will be IBMMorgan Stanley, Bank of America, MacDonalds and Coca-cola. So lot's of action this week, which may lead to make or break in the market. 

Another key economic indicator data to be expected this week includes - Existing home sales data to be released on Thursday. On Friday we have the report on New home sales, both real estate data points are for the month of March.  Also on friday the government will release Durable Goods Orders and Shipments data for end of march. This is a leading indicator of U.S. manufacturing activity. 

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