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>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

Using RBI’s $200,000-per-person-perannum window it is now possible for Indian investors to trade in almost all asset classes like stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies etc on international exchanges.

Think about it, now you can directly buy stocks from New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and be able to diversify your portfolios with US stocks. Many Indian brokerage firms are providing this facility. Reliance Money is tied up with Options Xpress of US, Unicon India Brokerage is tied up with, again a brokerage from the US. Another major player is Interactive Brokers of US, which is opening shop in India and is a member of NSE.

The investor funds will be protected under SIPC - Securities Investor Protection Corporation visit for more information.

To make sure the stockezy community members are up to date with US stocks and market infomation, we are proud to announce our new feature offering - US Markets in

This is our first step towards providing important news headlines from prominent websites catering to US markets, for example Reuters, CNBC, WSJ, CNN and Bloomberg. We are working to align with new partners to provide education materials and also invite bloggers from US to share thier views, insights and suggestions about US Markets.

Another very intreresting feature is PredictWallStreet . Surely we understand that users would be new to following US Indexes and hence we provide an easy prediction widget. Simply make your poll, about tomorrow's market, select UP or DOWN and instantly see what the rest of the community is saying about which way the market will move the next day.

We encourage all our users to Try out the PredictWallStreet widget at the US Markets page.( )

We will be moving fast in adding new functionalities and make available new services very soon. Do let us know your suggestions and feedback. We look forward to your comments to this post.