How important is Market News to trading

>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

The last week was good, at least friday the 13th moved away from its notorious reputation and Sensex delivered a stellar performance of 412 points or 4.95% up side move, closing well above 8750 levels. So what is next for Monday, will we see 9000? Well gauging market levels is not the objective for this post.

This brings me to the golden question, How important is reading or getting latest news important to trading in these markets. Some might just disagree with the notion of Trading the news, while others that there are so many sources, blogs, websites, how much can one read.

Similar frustations led me to think if all the news from top news sites such as NDTV, Moneycontrol, Reuters, Business-Standard and some others could be available at one place, how much simpler and easy my life would become. More deep thought led me see, what if this news items are sorted and categorised in to Industry, Sector, Economy, Latest News, Earnings-Results then it would be just like heaven.

This leads me to share with you India-Business-News from best news sites, sorted and ordered in to different heads.

Check out

Well this is not a promotional message, I really feel having acess to all the news at one central location helps me while I try to play catch up for market events and news on a day to day basis. So let me know how you guys feel about this, share your comments and suggestions.