Weekly NEWS letter and Stocks to watch out for.

>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

Global cues were negative so Indian markets end flat at the end of the week.
We saw inflation further cooling down. Worst results posted by few companies.
Analyst say Indian Story is still intact.
The Yellow Metal (GOLD) is making new highs , has crossed 14K.
The week ahead looks neutral with markets in range bounded behaviour.
We could see a sell off soon in the markets.
The Government has emphasized the need for further stimulus packages to boost the economic growth and sustain a healthy economy amidst the turbulence prevailing across the world.

Sector to watch out for in Short Term. -

IT - The sector in controversy is the one good to trade as there are huge movements in the stocks. Though it is risky it is rewarding.

Pharma - This an ever green sector for me as I think people wont stop having medicines in recession time.

Telecom - New news coming day over day. Airtel is now in IPTV segment. In this sector I am bullish on Airtel and Idea. RCom though is good but can go further down.

Stocks to Watch out in this week.

Educomp Solutions -
The share price of Educomp fell as registrars of companies (RoCs) were asked to inspect the books of accounts of Educomp against the backdrop of media reports that the company’s profits were inflated and that promoters had made big profits by trading their own shares and diverting funds to unlisted subsidiaries.
This would be the one big stock to watch out for.

Tata Motors - Nano coming out on 3rd of March can give TATA Motors some working capital blocked in a short term. It is estimated TATA would collect Rs 700 cr within few weeks after the booking starts.

Airtel and Idea - Long term story is intact. But in short term can shoot up giving 5 - 10 % returns.

Other stocks -
UTV Software's.

Whats HOT this week - TATA Nano will be launched on the 3rd of March.

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