Indian Railways & Lalu Yadav, the truest success story

>> Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Indian Railways has always been the worst managed India Public Sector enterprise, at least till before Lalu Yadav the magician came along as Indian Railways Minister under UPA/Congress government. The Railways which has been notorious for being a loss making enterprise has seen much radical changes over the last 5 years.

Long known for incurring losses , the Railways has dramatically improved under Prasad's tenure by enhancing technology and cutting fares to boost traffic. The growth rate in the volume of goods carried by the Indian Railways has doubled to an average of 8% in the last five years from 3% in 2000-2001 . The Railways expects total number of passengers to climb 7% in the current fiscal year and in the next .

Mr. Prasad said the Railways will likely end the current year through March with a surplus of 193.2 billion rupees and pay 47.11 billion rupees to the federal government as its share of the profit. The Railways expects total income from moving people and goods in the next fiscal year to rise 13% to 931.59 billion rupees from an upwardly revised estimate of 823.93 billion rupees in the current year ending March.

In this years interim railway budget Lalu Yadav has kept the human aspect alive and focussed on keeping freight prices low and cutting passenger fares across the board by 2%. Also giving a boost to the infrastructure & employment sector,

  • 43 new trains will be launched
  • $7.8 billion to be spent to moderize 63.000 km of railway network

We saw some companies surge ahead one being Titagarh Wagons. (Also read related posts : Kalindee Rail Dissapointed After Budget    and        Rail Related Company's Surge )

Coming of May and a new government the new railway minister will surely have some important and big shoes to fill. Let's see how things go forward till then we can all thank Mr Yadav for giving us Indian Railways the Jewel of India and India's Truest Success story

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