How should you trade Satyam ?

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

Satyam is a stock who's movement you cant predict. This stock is moving according to the news and rumors coming.
First LNT hikes its stake in Satyam and now I Gate solutions and even Hinduja Group are eying Satyam.
When the stock price was 20 - 24 people thought it would go further down but it moved up from there as it got new board of directors, its management changed.
Now if the stock falls below Rs 40 it can be a value buy as Satyam is suppose to get order worth 400 million $ according to ET.
More over its management may be restructured again in 3 months.
Where trading is concerned Satyam is having good movements along with high volumes but one needs to be cautious in doing so.

Whats intresting this week. - $10 or Rs 500 laptop to be displayed on 3rd Feb.

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How would you trade Satyam ?
Short or Long ?