Weekly NEWS letter and stocks to watch out for.

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

The past week was a horrible one. A company like Satyam can do such a big fraud, unbelievable.

The stocks made a high of 189 and a low of 11.50 in the past week. Its all time high is 575 and all time low is 11.50.

Raju is now sent in jail. But the innocent share holders are now in trouble.

The Indian markets fell 6.04% n the last week.

Though inflation is cooling no sign of good news in seen in the markets.

We have our Quarterly results coming this week for many companies. This will act as a major trigger to the movement in markets.

Markets will lie in a range of 2700 – 3000 (NIFTY) in this week.

Not much of upside is expected.

Satyam saga is yet going on will also decide the trend of the market.

IIP data is suppose to arrive tomorrow so be cautious.

Stocks to look out for in this week.

Satyam – I personally feel not to buy this stock. But this stock will be the most volatile in the coming week.

TCS, Wipro, Infosys – The key rivals of Satyam can benefit as the order book of Satyam can be passed to its rivals.

LNT – LNT bags 1100 crs order last week can give some gain.

Unitech - This is one badly beaten up stock and it bought at bottom can give some good gains. Best buy would be 28 -30 range.

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