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>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

Markets went up as most of the foreign markets were closed due to New year eve and so our markets got a reason to cherish. Economy is worsening. GDP is being revised too often. Obama is gona take charge from 20th of Jan as US President. Let’s see what he does.

US government is now buying out stinky mortgage worth over 350 billion $. Now this can get some hope to the real estate segment.

At present a sector to rely on is FMCG and Pharma.

Inflation is super cooling and now it stands at 6.40%. The main reason for this is fall in commodity prices.

Gold is touching new highs due to festive season.

Sector to look out for in short term.

FMCG – This is a sector where production will never come to a stand still.

Pharma – This is my all time favorite sector due to their profits margin.

Cement – Cement stocks will benefit due to the bailout package.

Stocks to look out for.

Unitech – This stock is very volatile and can give abnormal gains if bought in 30 – 35 range in a short term.

Satyam – Satyam has board meeting in the coming week so expect the counter to turn in any way up or down , how the result or the outcome is. More over many operators are playing in this scrip. Be cautious.

India Infoline – Technically this scrip can go another 10 % up from current levels.

Happy Investing!

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sivakumar January 5, 2009 at 5:38 AM  


From starting onwards i have one doubt.May i who are the operators,what will they do and how it reflects on stocks

Chirag January 5, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

Operators are the people how operate the stocks. In fact the stock movements. They can get the stock prices up or down depends on what they feel. In simple words I term them as manuplators.