Q3 Earnings Update!

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 2 cents on what to expect of the earnigs being announced today.

Reliance Industries - A big question mark on Q3, but whatever the management has to say today will define how the indexes move. It is most weighted stock in Senex & Nifty and is bound to pull its weight

Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd - Good scrip to look out for especially after
Japan company merger. I think Healthcare is recession proof.

Bharti Airtel - Is expected meet estimates for Q3. But Outlook will be worrying due to saturation in current markets. Newer market penetration will require capital expenditure which will be hard to come by in Q4.

Idea Cellular - I am a seller of this Telecom company. With too much competion and a price war looming, margins will be affected, it will be difficult to survice without a merger with one of the bigger companies or even 2 smaller partners working together.

Kotak Mahindra - One of the better investment and financial banks. They seem to have limited exposure to any toxic assets. I will be a buyer of this stock at these levels. Earnigs should be encouraging.

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