Recession effect on TATA Motors.

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

TATA motors is closing it Pune factory for 3 days ( From this Monday). This closure is basically just for commercial vehicle segment. Passenger car segment will continue its production normally.
This step is taken because of slump in demand for these vehicles.

More over sales of passenger cars will see a further decline in comming months. It is yet to feel the pinch of recession.

More bad news is expected to come from this sector as well as this company.

This year proved to be a very unlucky one for TATA group as first they lost their Singur plant and later last month they faced a huge damage due to terror attack on Taj Hotel in Mumbai.

Hope the comming year brings cheer for TATA Group.
I am bullish on TATA Motors for long term view.
Happy Investing.