The Power of Investing in Equity .

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Investing in Equities has made many people rich. Warren Buffet today is the richest in the world who is an American investor who has earned a great name and reputation 

and even wealth by investing in shares. His companys share Berkshire Hathaway INC's share trades above 1 Lac $ just immagine.

Did you know an investment of Rs 10,000 /- 26 years back would have been nothing
less than 200 crore plus in Jan 2008.
The company is WIPRO owned by Azim Premji.
Every one wished they or their parents had this share , they would have been crazy
rich. There are few other companies which have made people Millionaire.

Investment Year (Amount Invested) - Company Value As on Jan 2008
1979 (10,000) Cipla 95 Crores
1992 (10,000) Infosys 1.8 Crores
1980 (10,000) Ranbaxy 1.9 Crores
2003 (10,000) Unitech 1 Crore

So you may be thinking What Next ?
Many people think investing is only loosing money. But its Not .
I term Day Trading as loosing money but not investing.
One should have patience and should be able to hold on for long.
Patience pays.
So if you are not investing start investing as these are the best times to buy 
Some bluechips are Reliance Ind Infra , Unitech , Bharti Airtel , etc.
I have accumilated the above once.
Happy Investing !