Intraday tips and Market outlook for 17th Dec.

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

US markets ended a positive note.

Europe ended flat. Asia has opened a bit higher on an average of 1%.

Indian markets are bonded to open higher.

Satyam Computers acquires 51% stake in Maytas Infra and 100% stake in its property. The deal is of whooping 1.6 Billion USD.

Yesterday Satyam’s ADR was down over 35%. This is a stock which can give maximum movement in todays market.

The support for the Sensex is 9750 and the resistance to the up move is at 10000-10324

Nifty: the support for the Nifty is at 2920 and the resistance to the up move is at 3210

Day Trading Ideas.

Satyam Computers

Buy above 201 for targets of 209 and 219

Sell below 196 for targets of 184 and 179

Maytas Infra – (This Scrip generally doesn’t have much volume be careful before trading. Yesterdays volume is 275 shares)

Buy above 475 for targets of 482 and 486

Sell below 460 for targets of 456 and 449


Buy above 148 for targets of 151 and 153

Sell below 140 for targets of 136 and 132

IRB Infra

Buy above 107 for targets of 109 and 111

Sell below 102 for targets of 99 and 97

Happy Investing.

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