Best and Worst of 2008 for the Indian Stock Markets.

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nothing much fascinating this year for the Indian Stock Markets. In the third week of the year market saw a night mare. Except that we saw many stocks reaching their lifetime high in Jan first and second week. Third week onwards investors started loosing their money as there we two consecutive lower circuits on 21 and 22 on Indian Markets.

Since the peek of some 21K markets fell at 7800 odd and now are at 9K levels. It lost its shine as it looses 60% in not even a year.

Dalal Street turned into Halal Street.

I doubt if any one booked their full profits.

This year we saw both the phases of the stock markets – Bull Market (for 15 days odd) and rest of the year bear phase.

Just don’t forget – “Every thing which has gone up has to come down again”

Best of 2008

Worst of 2008

Many stocks making their life time highs.

Stocks seen making their 52 Week Lows.

Sensex also reached at a crucial level of 21K mark.

Sensex and Nifty have now touched their Oct 2005 lows.

N. Deal was passed.

Fight among govt. for N.Deal. BJP was against and Congress was for it.

Ranbaxy deal

Satyam and Maytas deal called off.

Tata JLR deal

Slump in GDP numbers from 9.1 to 6.5

SunPharma Deal

Inflation peeked at 12% odd.

Inflation started cooling since Nov.

Crude touched all time high of 147.27 $ a barrel.

Crude is now at 4 years low

Worst IIP data were seen.

Few co. posted good results despite of recession in world economy.

Terror attack on Mumbai.

Brack Obama became USA’s youngest President.

Terror attack on various other cities too in India.

There are many more things, but these are the once which I think are of immense importance.

Sectors which Outperformed.

I can say none of them all are in red.

The worst hit sectors.

Reality / Infrastructure.




Stocks which declared good dividend.

Disa India declared 2000% dividend on a face value of Rs. 10

Colgate Palmolive declared 900% on a face value of Re. 1

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Happy New Year 2009.

Happy Investing!

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