Stock market report card.

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

Markets were extremely under pressure. Sensex for the first time since mid 2005 went below 8000 mark.
Recession news coming from all over the world.
Employees loosing their jobs day by day.
Crude crash and is settled well below 70$.
Quarterly results were out few company's had disappointing results. While some cheered.
Our reality major Unitech saw a intraday fall of 60% last friday by making its life low of 26.
Inflation is cooling down which is a good sign. Inflation below 11% at 10.63.
Today RBI cuts rate: -
SLR by 100 Bps.
CRR by 100 Bps.
Repo Rate by 50 Bps.

PS. Markets yet below 10K mark.

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