Recession NEWS .

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its a recession time.
Thousands to job cuts , salary cuts , lack of raw materials , production on stand still and loads more.
India's major Heavy auto manufacturer Ashok Leyland now works only three days a week.
Indian Gov says Textile Ind. may have to cut 5 lac jobs.
JSW Steel asked 1,600 people to take unpaid leave.
AIG posted $24 billion loss in Q3.
70,000 jobs will be lost in Banking and Financial sectors across the world.
DHL cut 9,500 jobs as it discontinued US domestic operations.
Germany today goes in Recession.
India announced first declines in exports in 5 years.

Day over day Bailout plans are being introduced.

Inflation is now a positive factor as it has already started to cool down.