Indian market outlook and daytrading ideas for 27th Nov.

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shocking terror attact in Indias Financial Capital. Over 80 are Dead and 200 are injured (Sources).

We pray for all the Victims and Cops who lost their life in this incident.

All world markets are trading positive and I expect Indian markets to open positive.
US markets are up over 3% on an average.
Asia is trading green , more over China is up over 8%.
Inflation is to come out and poll expects Inflation to further cool down.
Support for Nifty is at 2550 and resistance for upmove at 2910 and 3200

Day Trading Ideas.

Buy above 1115 for targets of 1126 and 1135
Sell below 1098 for targets of 1085 and 1075

Buy above 757 for targets of 768 and 779
Sell below 742 for targets of 732 and 726

Buy above 26.20 for targets of 27.30 and 28.55
Sell below 23.10 nfor targets of 22.50 and 21.90

Buy above 530 for targets of 538 and 549
Sell below 515 for targets of 504 and 497

Buy above 705 for targets of 715 and 722 
Sell below 697 for targets of 692 and 685

Happy Trading / Investing.

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