Stock Market Future Prospect.

>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

Any good news in the Indian Stock markets is short lived (i.e any good news can get an upside of say 5%) while any bad news can get an downside in the markets more than 6% for sure.
Just like you saw yesterday we saw a downside of 11% odd.
Can you imagine any upside of 11%. No.. I am sure.

Current Good news.
CRR at 6.5%
Repo Rate at 8%
Inflation at 11.07% well below from its peak.
Crude below 66$ , has bottomed more than 50% from its all time high.

Current bad news.
FII's high presure selling.
Bad global market cues. (All blames on Americas Sub Prime Crices.)
Liquidity crunch.
All markets at almost their 4-5 years low.

Markets may not so easily bounce back.
These are the times the investors need to be cautious.

Happy Investing!

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